Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Social Media

Every minute of everyday, thousands of people log on to their computers to check email.  Not to mention the millions logging on to Facebook and LinkedIn.  Businesses all over the world have discovered that social media holds the power to connect with customers.  Giving them that little extra they need to strengthen their relationships and gain the competitive edge needed to rise above their competitors.  When social media is used effectively it can make and impact on your marketing sales.  In these tough times we need all the aces we can get.  Many companies rely on social media to share information.  Although successful marketing and communication has always relied on word of mouth and good customer service. We can now use Blogs for feedback and information we need to be successful.  With social media we can set up polls or questionnaires. Giving us feedback we need that may lead to new customers and if were lucky even sales.  Sharing ideas and experiences is a valuable tool for customer communication. When the customer is involved and is able to voice his opinion they feel as though they  have a personal relationship with the company.  Which leads to satisfied customers.  That my friends is success.