Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Resolution

One of the most urgent issues will be searching for talent, not yesterdays need for all top talent but a demand for the right kind of talent.  For leaders, this means a new urgency in targeting, nurturing, and advancing top talent in their organization.

Let's end the executive presence hype.  Performance and hard work should get top talent recognized and promoted, but “leadership potential” isn’t enough to promote men and women into these executive positions.  Leadership roles are given to those who look and act the part.  Based mainly on, communication skills and appearance, and they’re not getting the guidance they need to acquire it.

Become proactive, not re-active.  The rewards won't just end with a big bonus; they will last throughout a lifetime.  We need reliable professionals for high-profile trouble-shooting, that are willing to lead those massive projects that can make or break a company’s future.
Leaders have long recognized that a diverse workforce “matches the market”  by recognizing the needs of consumers and clients like themselves.  However, ideas are too often ignored because their originators don’t resemble those of corporate power.  Become a leader who promotes a culture of diverse talent in their team, and empowers everyone to feel free to volunteer opinions and propose solutions.  This is a simple solution that will unlock the full potential  of innovation.

Build pathways for future leaders - A strategic partnership between those with power and those with potential.  Unlike mentors, who act with sympathy, show them power by clearing obstacles in their way and fostering connections.  Assign higher-profile work to ease them up the ranks.  This will motivate your employees to be committed, engaged, and more likely to attract similar talent.

Despite our advances in workplace acceptance the vast majority of white-collar employees in the United States work for companies that fail to realize their full innovative potential.  Leaders that encourage and empower are far more likely to retain a broader spectrum of top talented employees.

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be."

  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert J. Dahl