Friday, December 2, 2011

Effective Leaders Must Have Compassion

Leaders have compassion by caring for people, but to be an effective leader one must go one step further. That step must be an effective leader must care about everything that is being said in the organization.  We all must have mentors who will show us how to that compassion that is needed.  

Having compassion is even more important for smaller organizations with less people than it is for larger organizations.  An effective leader must listen to what everyone says and be passionate about what they say. There is nothing worse than having a leader not listening when you are pouring your most concerning thoughts out to them. This is a leader breaking deal! You do not want to go near any situation like that.

Besides being compassionate toward the people and what they say, a good leader must also be compassionate about his visions and beliefs.  It is important to have this, in order to achieve one's goals and be effective.  Having a passion what you do is a trait of all good and effective leaders.  Your vision must have the conviction and compassion that will motivate your followers to understand and believe in what you say and do.  People will not get motivated by themselves unless you as a leader can project passion for it.  My vision has always been.motivating others to realizing the vision and then doing the vision is the goal that will need to be reached.

Those leaders who truly have compassion and that can show it to others will always be the more effective leaders for the organization. So now you must choose on whether you want to be a effective leader or a follower.

Robert J. Dahl is a respected leadership expert, keynote speaker and author who energizes and connects his audiences through inspirational stories. He speaks to leaders of organizations, teams and trade associations throughout the country - specializing in the topics of "Leadership Excellence" and "Leaders in the Making". Robert J. Dahl has written four books and a Leadership Education Program - "Coaching Excellence Rite of Passage". His mission is to help serve the people with compassion, empathy and understanding. He is committed to bringing balance and wellness through leadership training and coaching. His blog can be read at He can be followed at