Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Need For Coaching

Coaching is a process that uses techniques and skills to mentor individuals to develop their management and personal skills that will better themselves and achieve their goals.  As a coach you must have skills to facilitate good mentoring.
Organizations may not be training for the World Series, and the workplace doesn’t look much like the Yankee Stadium, but just like athletes managers need coaching to reach their fullest career potential.  Developing your coaching skills as a coach is critical in ensuring success of the manager that you will be mentoring.  Organizations in today’s highly mobile workforce have little tolerance for non-performing managers.  There is no such thing as perfection in coaching.  The manager’s role is critical in achieving organizational success.  The coach who is development-minded and really believes in coaching has a chance not only of motivating the manager that they are mentoring but creating a synergistic relationship with them.  Many times the organizational environment is very complex, changing or multifaceted and a coach is brought in to align the employees and the new environment.  Mentoring is the process of tutoring and transferring of skills from one person to another.  Your coaching skills will help you clarify performance goals, provide the right kind of training, and eliminate anything that reinforces undesired work behaviors or performance.  The skills of a coach focus on a particular concern, solicit involvement and understanding, plan action and support, monitor action and recognize resolution.  This will lead to improved performance.

Robert J. Dahl