Monday, June 18, 2012

Customer Assurance

In today’s aggressive world, simply meeting customer expectations by delivering the right products is not enough.  The way to differentiate your organization is through customer service innovation.  This enables an organization to meet the needs of its customers.  Great customer service is when an employee goes beyond the normal customer expectations.  This is called thinking outside of the box.  By expanding the customer service boundaries, you will open new opportunities to create customer value and happier customers.  Organizations need to analyze the customers’ needs and expectations.  Developing a strategic customer service program that adds new value to the customer is essential to a successful program and dealing right away with customer issues.  There are critical first-mover advantages.  The risk of not moving fast is the real possibility of losing your best customer as they pursue other avenues to resolve their issues.  As a company you have total control over good customer service or bad customer service.

Customer service has become a top strategic priority for everyone.  Major companies are rededicating themselves to serving customers.  Relationships are the foundation of customer service excellence.  Service is the glue that holds relationships together.  Being responsive to the customer is the most important thing that an organization can do and being spontaneous to the needs of the customer is the other.  Pleasing customers begins with service outreach.  Organizations are spending more time in hiring, training, motivating and measuring performance of all employees.  The training is a key to great service.  The employee must be able to articulate a vision that aligns with the needs of the customer.  The difficulty of changing the old accustomed way of doing things to the new strategic way will not be easy.  Even the most trained managers know that service can become a nightmare if not managed carefully.  Respect is one of the most important factors that must be included when dealing with any customers.

"Your job give you authority.  Your behavior earns you respect." 

                                                                               Irwin Federman