Monday, November 26, 2012

Time for Change

Time for Change

The best performers in the world of sports never outgrow their need for change and development.  Professional players are constantly watched over from stands by their specialty coaches.  They are analyzing mistakes and missed opportunities in the game, to improve the next performance.

Even years after they have established their greatness, professional golfers on the men’s and women’s teams go in search of coaches to help them achieve their goal of winning a golf tournament or the correction of a slice or hook that would take the professional out of the competition.  This attention to detail and finding a coach when their game has lost something pays off handsomely in the game.  In the past years, the difference between being number one and number fifty was more than a million dollars.  Yet, the difference between the number one and number fifty was less than a few strokes per round over an entire season.

The difference between top performers in every field, including business, is in the details.  Those top people need and depend on coaching to make them successful.  Good coaching helps first-rate performers do their best every time they face a tough opponent, tricky sand trap or an upset customer.  The need for good coaching is the same as the need for change, recognition and reward, is something the best players and trainers will never outgrow.  Just the same can be said for a truly empowered, self-motivated employee who knows when it is time for a change.  Not the one who is convinced they have nothing more to learn. 

Robert J. Dahl