Monday, December 24, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

When our current goals are not being achieved and we come up against some barriers, we will need to change course and learn some new knowledge or skills to reach the goals.  Taking responsibility means making the best of it rather than reactively complaining.  Expect unexpected challenges and know your company’s static focus.  This should be in alignment with your personal vision.  These are the principles that we use to make our decisions to achieve our goals.  We must set priorities in life that are driven by the principles and values.  By identifying changes, we will realize positive results and fulfill our goals.  Unexpected situations can be avoided by looking ahead with our personal vision.  By visualizing and using creativity in setting goals to achieve where we want to be rather than allowing others to dictate where you will end up.  Creativity in scripting and mental creation is the pre-step in achieving this.  When we realize we have the ability to create our own destiny doors will open.