Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making The Right Choices

Most moments of truth seem like they last a lifetime.  Many decisions about moral dilemmas need to be made daily.  These dilemmas are like barriers we must overcome to achieve goals in our life.  Getting through these dilemmas require many choices.  Some are made as a team, but most have to be made by the manager.  It is these behavior decisions that mold your character, your leadership ability and your career.  Celebrating in the moment of truth is about doing the right thing and getting the right thing done.  Success requires preparation and a combination of decisions and reflection.  These moments of truth are the elements of human forces that drive who we are.  Among them are ego, shame, greed, and desire.  These traits cannot be satisfied, but they can be controlled.  Making the right choices requires a clear, moral state of mind.  The more resources that you can use to make a choice, the more thought processed your decision will be.